A break, that moment when calm embraces us and time is gentle. Moonbow is the first collection by Halto Major, a high-quality skincare products company. It's a genderless brand in which we were able to immerse ourselves in its mysterious and elegant spirit to work on its branding and packaging design.

A reduced palette of intense contrasts, diffuse shapes, and enigmatic photography are part of the elements we worked with to convey the mystery surrounding this new skincare brand.

"Quarter rest" is the musical term for a moment of pause, an instant of serenity and tranquility. This very concept served as the inspiration behind the name of Halto Major, and was the one that sparked the creation of the brand symbol. It embodies that precious moment when we choose to pause, detach from the daily hustle, and devote time to self-care and embracing our authentic selves.

Client: Marco Yu & Daniel Sung.
General Producer: Marco Yu
Models: Daniel Sung / Wilfred Wong / Niki Yip / Chrissy / Julie Cheng