Pánico is an award-winning branding studio, based in Argentina and Ecuador. We focus on simplicity and unadorned truth.

Corporate language has become worn out and unnecessary in a world where brands talk to us daily. That’s why our process focuses on understanding language beyond a logo. Clients no longer want to waste time and seek to understand a brand in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, it is necessary for brands to be direct, have character, attitude, and personality.

No more pre-made speeches and generic slogans, no more filler information needed.

Simple, direct, and powerful is our motto.

This concept has led us to work with clients around the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Dubai, Argentina, Hong Kong, among others, and to be published in books in China, London, USA and magazines such as Communication Arts (New York) and Étapes (France).


Pánico Production is our division focused on photography, 3D, and post-production. We aim to offer a 360 service that ranges from branding development to all types of image production, handling the highest quality standards. In this division, we have worked with brands such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, among others.

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