Pánico Estudio


In 2013 (in our first failed attempt) we made the logo that identified us for a long time, but it was time to say goodbye and have something that represents us today. There have been very crazy times but, despite that, our family in Pánico has grown and has spread to Barcelona, it was time to work on the new image all together to represent something in what we believe. Design is not about decorating, nor is it about making things "beautiful", it is about transmitting the essential, showing what we are with security. Not saying much, but saying it loud and clear, a brand must have a soul and take a stand. People are tired of lukewarm brands that only seek to please everyone in order to sell products, we can take a stand on problems that we consider are part of the past and limit us to advance as a society; and we encourage brands to do the same. No more pre-made speeches and generic slogans, no more filler information needed.