We want to share with you the proposal we developed for the restyling of Pedidos Ya Latam. From the initial conception of the new brand concept "Minimal and LOUD" to the creation of a detailed brand book that explains how each visual element embodies this concept. With this brand guideline, incredibly talented people were able to join the project, contributing to every detail and making this outcome possible. Thanks to everyone who was part of this challenge, we had a lot of fun working on it!.

Brand Managers: Maru Prieto, Cintia Skako, Fede García, Nicolás Serna, Pol Celsi, Lucas Oscar Merkel.
Restyling: Estudio Pánico. General Coordination: Juan Korman, Plug Collective.
Illustrations: Emanuel Dalmau. Photography: Segundo Luchia Puig. Photo Production: La Perla 
Video & Motion Graphics: Alejandro Calderón, Zurdo Visuales.
Voice & Music Production: André Farra, Gustavo Blacio.