Public Analog
Brand Identity + Web Design.



We seek to work its image as if it were a space technology laboratory, with futuristic aesthetics from the 80s. Inspired by scenes from the movie "The Arrival" and works of art from the 90s, we wanted to generate a gradient or stain that has movement and texture similar to the static generated by sound, as if it were an organic stain with life, moving away of digital gradients and generating something with more body and texture, similar to the stain left by a pen, which combined with a reduced palette and clean typography generated an experimental aesthetic linked to the analog sound that was what the client sought to represent.

For the logo we seek to work with a typography that lends itself to being animated as a mistake or "glich", contributing to this idea "analog digital" which is the essence of the brand. So that the website has movement and animation of the spot as if it were an organism that tries to communicate with us.

Animations: Zurdo Visuales, Web design: Valeria Torres
Public Analog is a Nashville-based online platform focused on providing customers with an overview of rare and far-fetched recording equipment. It enables consumers seeking analog sounds to access the most sought-after recording systems and instruments with the highest level of service, acquiring timeless wonders of recording technology. Aimed at a very specific audience, looking for analog sounds to generate experimental music.