Pánico is an award-winning branding studio. Based in Argentina, Ecuador and Spain. We focus on simplicity and unadorned truth.

The corporate language has worn out and is no longer necessary in a world where brands speak to us on a daily basis, for this reason our process focuses on understanding the language beyond a logo, the client no longer wants to waste time, and seeks to understand a brand in the shortest amount of time.

For this reason, it is necessary for brands to be sincere and clear about what they offer, in addition to having character, attitude and personality.

No more pre-made speeches and generic slogans, no more filler information needed.

Simple, direct and powerful is what we believe in

This concept has led us to work on branding projects with clients around the world such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, USA, Spain, among others, and to be published in books in China, London, USA and magazines such as Communication Arts (New York) and Étapes (France).


Pánico Production is a Pánico Studio division focused on production of photography, 3D and post production, we seek to offer a 360 service that ranges from branding development to all types of image production, handling the highest quality standards. We have worked with brands such as Nestlé, Coca Cola, Chevrolet, Banco Pichincha among others.

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Studio Speaker

LAD Fest, Latin American Design Awards 2020

Doméstika Teachers

Design Simple and Effective Visual Identities 2022

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  • Latin American Design Awards 2022 (3 awards)

    • Silver, category Branding
    • Bronze, category Branding
    • Bronze, category Illustration

  • Third Place, Studio of the year, Latin American Design Awards 2021 (5 awards)

    • Gold, category Branding
    • Gold, category Graphic Design
    • Silver, category Branding
    • Bronze, category Branding
    • Bronze, category Packaging

  • Latin American Design Awards 2020 (3 awards)

    • Gold, category Illustration
    • Silver, category Packaging
    • Silver, category Editorial 

  • Double selected Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño  2020

  • Gold category Art Direction
    Cóndor de Oro 2014

  • Gold category Photography and Retouching
    Cóndor de Oro 2017

  • Gold category Photography and Retouching
    Luxawards 2017

  • Bronze Advertising Campaign category
    Cóndor de Oro 2013


  • From Type to Logo (Best logotypes from around the world) Viction:ary (Hong Kong)

  • Asia-Pacific Design 17, (China) Sandu Publishing

  • Communication Arts Magazine, New York, 2020
    - Article about the Studio

  • Étapes Magazine, France 2020

      - Holke 79 project publication

  • Mindsparkle Magazine 2020

    - Holke 79 project publication

  • Mindsparkle Magazine 2020

     - Astro 79 project publication

  • Design Elements Book, NewYork 2020
    - (Quarto Group/Rockport Publishers)

  • Romantic Dining Time  - Visual Identity Design in Sweet Shops
    - Liaoning Science & Technology Publishing House (China) Design Media Publishing (UK)

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